Julia DiPrete

Julia DiPrete

J. Wright, Vintner: Alluring wine for your next adventure

A Sip Wines "Winelight" Joe Wright, Founder & Winemaker The story behind J. Wright, Vintner is one that makes my heart sing. Read on to learn how he networked his way into winemaking, found his calling, and started an incredible label. The stars aligned, and they pointed to Oregon.It

Three of Cups Winery: A Celebration of Wine

A Sip Wines "Winelight" Lisa Swei, Co-owner & wearer of many hats Mike Metheny, Co-owner & winemaker As I'm fond of saying, a day without learning is a day wasted. Fortunately, writing this Winelight on Three of Cups Winery in Washington State more than fit the bill. Did you know

Inspire Moore Winery: They dreamed a dream of wine, and then made it come true

Diane Sparks-Moore, Co-Founder Nathaniel Moore, Winemaker Tim Moore, in memoriam“Doing good holds the power to transform us on the inside, and then ripple out in ever-expanding circles that positively impact the world at large.” - Shari Arison It’s a concept as old as time: the notion that whatever

Gonzales Wine Company: One Indecisive Libra and Many Unsung Heroes

A Sip Wines "Winelight"Cristina Gonzales, Founder, Owner, & Winemaker If there are silver linings to be found in the Covid-19 pandemic, one of them is the recognition—long overdue—of the MANY essential workers in this country. Most of these people aren’t working the flashy, fancy, highly paid

Warr-King Wines: It’s never too late to pursue your dream

A Sip Wines “Winelight”Lisa Warr-King Packer, Founder & Winemaker “What do you want to be when you grow up?” For many of us, this was THE question of childhood. I remember putting a lot of thought into it and getting really stressed out when, at age 8, I JUST

Azur Wines: La Vie en Rosé… and Red, and White…

A Sip Wines "Winelight" Elan Fayard, Proprietor We all have a "claim to fame," right? Some are obviously more interesting/exciting than others. Arthur Fry, for example, invented the Post-It Note. Barack Obama was the first Black man to hold the office of US President. Mine is probably that I

Red Tail Ridge Winery - The Golden Child of the Finger Lakes

A Sip Wines "Winelight" Nancy Irelan, Partner & Winemaker Mike Schnelle, Partner & Vineyardist Mr. B, Winery Dog What do you get when you pair a wine scientist with a historically misunderstood wine region? I probably gave away the punch line with the title of this blog, so you won’

Fullerton Wines: A Beautiful Wine and Family Journey

A Sip Wines "Winelight" Eric Fullerton, Founder & Associate Winemaker Susanne Fullerton, Owner & General Manager Alex Fullerton, Owner & Winemaker It’s hard to argue with the idea of destiny when you hear the story behind Fullerton Wines, and even more so when you taste the wine. A first-generation,

AmByth Estate: Uniquely Biodynamic Wines

A Sip Wines "Winelight" Phillip Hart, Founder Mary Morwood Hart, Founder and Partner Gelert Hart, Winemaker and Vineyard Manager This week, I want to introduce you to AmByth Estate, a certified organic and biodynamic winery in Paso Robles, California and one of our beloved Sip Wines partners. “AmByth” means “forever”
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