Women in Wine

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Waits-Mast Family Cellars

A Sip Wines “Winelight” Brian Mast & Jennifer Waits, Owners/Vintners Shalini Sekhar, Winemaker Not long after I started blogging for Sip Wines, I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Mast and Jennifer Waits, the owners of Waits-Mast Family Cellars. Without giving too much away up front, I left

Winderlea Vineyard and Winery

A Sip Wines “Winelight”Bill Sweat and Donna Morris Fun fact about me: I used to work in the career center at one of the top law schools in the country. The fact that I used to work at a law school is almost entirely irrelevant for purposes of being

Ser Winery

Nicole Walsh A Sip Wines "Winelight" I was fortunate to try one of Nicole’s wines before actually speaking with her, so I already knew going into our conversation that whatever she was doing, it was working--that wine was AMAZING. It’s not like I was surprised at

Oceano Wines

Rachel Martin A Sip Wines "Winelight" Welcome to Winelights by Sip Wines! (Get it? Instead of limelight… winelight...) At Sip Wines, wine is personal. We created Sip Wines to celebrate the diverse group of individuals and families who grow our grapes and produce our wines. For these artisans,

Ladies: Raise a glass, and then SMASH IT

So, last week felt like it had about 57 days in it, am I right? Regardless of your affiliation, you’re probably glad the election is behind us. If you were unfazed by it, well, then I would ask for a referral to your doctor so I can get my

Who runs the (wine) world? GIRLS.

Mad props to Queen Bey for such a killer girl power anthem. I swear, everything Beyonce touches turns to gold. Her and T-Swift. It would be so annoying if their music weren’t so freakin’ awesome, and yes, I love T-Swift and I am almost 38 years old and I
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